The high watt density in Powerblanket® Extra-Hot Ground Thawing Blankets will help tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. The EH line of Powerblanket® extra hot flat blankets have a higher watt density and hotter temperature than our concrete curing blankets. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications and curing epoxy or resins.  Keep crews working all winter long and avoid costly work stoppage.  Buy Powerblanket Extra-Hot Heaters Here:

  • High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
  • Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
  • Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Can be used to cure epoxy and resins

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Powerblanket Extra-Hot ground thawing heaters are hands down the hottest, fastest, most reliable ground thaw heater on the market today.  Nothing heats faster, nothing heats longer, nothing works better for thawing frozen ground frost, melting ice & snow, and heating construction materials.  We guarantee it! See what Powerblanket customers have to say:

“Your blankets are absolutely excellent. Thanks to Powerblanket®, we were able to quickly thaw the ground and complete our job. In fact, we estimate a savings of 10 hours per site equaling a savings of $5,000 already. Calculating this to our thousands of sites, the savings is huge! We are excited about the time and money Powerblanket has saved us and look forward to future savings.”



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