Featured ground thawing products… Thawing frozen ground can seem like an impossible task, especially in situations where the frost runs deep and construction budgets are tight.  Historically, thawing a job site prior to excavation and concrete pour required the use of propane burners, hydronic fluid hose systems, or other bulky / expensive setups.

Recently, a new innovative heating material has been developed that allows an electric current to pass over it resulting in a low cost, even distribution of uniform heat.  When applied to frozen ground or curing concrete, the results are amazing.  Powerblanket uses such technology which completely eliminates hot and cold spots which are common with competitor’s blankets.   Simply roll it out, plug it in, and curing and thawing blankets deliver a barrier of warmth to even the most stubborn frozen surfaces.

Ideal for ground thawing, ice melting, roof & floor heating, snow melting, concrete curing, frozen pipe thawing and 100’s of other job site requirements.  Keep construction crews working all winter long with POWERBLANKET (LINK) CALL (866) 805-4328

Ground Thawing Blankets

featured ground thawing products

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