Working in the snow and preparing a job site for a cold weather concrete pour requires extra precautions and safety measures.  Many companies close up shop in the winter due to the difficulty of fighting the elements. Thanks to the guys (and gals) at Heat Authority – Cold weather and icy conditions can be eliminated with their amazing heat spreading products.

RapidTHAW is just one example of an innovative heating technology that distributes heat evenly over large surfaces for thawing, melting, heating, and working in the snow.  They got their start by manufacturing large heated outdoor blankets for construction job site prep (thawing ground and curing concrete).  Powerblanket is another major manufacturer that Brings The Heat!  Their product line has expanded to include such innovative products as drum heated blankets, motor warmers, gas cylinder wraps, and bulk material warming.  If you’ve got a cold weather dilemma, HEAT AUTHORITY has a solution.  They can be reached by calling (866) 805-4328 or by visiting their website at

working in the snow - a construction workers guide

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thaw ground and frozen pipes for working in the snow

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While we strive to keep high inventory levels, unexpected storms and rapid temperature drops can deplete our stock.  Customers can call 24/7 to check stock levels.  Customers can call or email us at  Popular brands in stock at guaranteed lowest pricing.  Powerblanket, RapidThaw and Promax are in stock.  Customers call 866-805-4328 for immediate assistance.



* Light Weight Solution * Thaw Ground & Working in the Snow
* Instock Ready to Ship * Melt Snow & Ice
* Eliminate Schedule Delays * Heat Sand & Aggregate
* Economical * Pre-Heat Rebar
* Built Safe * Flatwork & Masonry
NO open FLAMES * Cure and Protect Concrete
thawing job-site and curing blanket
Portable Ground Thaw Job-Site Heater / 120 Volt