thaw frozen ground fastHow to thaw frozen ground & underground pipes fast – even in the coldest weather conditions imaginable.  Heat Authority is the worldwide leader in ground thaw heating, snow melting and construction site ground preparation techniques.  CALL 866-805-4328 today and receive FREE shipping on your USA order.  Featuring leading ground thawing products from Powerblanket, RapidTHAW, ProMAX and CureMAX.

Cold weather construction just got a whole lot easier thanks to HEAT AUTHORITY because of these unique ground thaw heaters. Because of these multi-purpose electric ground thawing products for snow melting and concrete curing outdoor heated construction projects, you can see rapid results in your project completion.  Built for tough outdoor conditions, these rapid thawing insulated heat blankets are waterproof, weatherproof and built to last.  You can keep crews working and avoid costly delays all winter long. You can all thaw frozen ground, footings, pipes and trenches fast with HEAT AUTHORITY!  

how to thaw frozen ground

  • Thawing Underground Water Lines (up to 8 ft deep).
  • Contractors choice for Thawing Frozen Ground  Prior to Trenching.
  • Melt Ice & Snow.
  • Pre-Heat Work Surfaces & Materials.
  • Home Owners and Construction Workers prefer these products over chemicals or tenting.
  • Waterproof, Weatherproof & Built to Last.
  • Freeze Protection for Pipes, Pumps and Machinery – ALL WINTER LONG!


How to thaw frozen ground & underground pipes fast

How to thaw frozen ground & underground pipes fast all winter long

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Heating and thawing frozen ground prior to winter work construction can be a challenge.  Many projects have to be put on hold until  springtime thaw… but not any longer.  Heat Authority ground thawing pads and mats are the ideal solution for applying heat directly to the ground or surface you are trying to heat.  Cure concrete in the dead of winter and achieve record PSI levels in record  time – and all without the use of damaging hardeners and chemicals.  Cure & thaw in record time and improve your finished product with electric heated outdoor construction blankets from Heat Authority.  

We ship worldwide – and FREE ground shipping in the USA.  Call 866-805-4328 or visit for updated information on this “Ground Breaking” new technology that will save you loads of money and get you on and off the jobsite quickly.  RapidThaw, Powerblanket, Curemax and other heating solutions for jobsite and construction related heating.

Q: How to thaw frozen ground & underground pipes fast? A: Heat Authority!

thaw footings and cure concrete all winter long  thaw frozen ground and underground pipes and waterlinesground thawing heat pad