First of all, ground thawing and ground heater technology has just taken a huge leap forward with the development of heat spreading materials that are now being utilized in outdoor construction blankets.  As a result, RapidTHAW, Powerblanket, HCC and CureMAX brands offer excellent value in their electric blanket heaters.  Utilized in the thawing of frozen ground, ice, concrete curing and other cold weather construction related activities.  Almost every brand carries a UL/CSA rating or equivalent.

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Most of all, these manufacturers offer ground heating electric blankets ranging in size from 2′ x 2′ up to very large 9′ x 27′.  Especially relevant is the convenience of plugging in several blankets at a time to cover several thousand sq. ft at once if needed.  Thaw frozen ground and cure concrete in freezing temperatures all with the same blanket.  There are several dozen ground heating products on the market that range from chemicals to glycol based systems.  Our reviews clearly indicate that these new blanket heaters to be the most effective solution when dealing with areas ranging from 100 to 3000 sq ft.  See products online @

Simply roll them out, plug them in, and these ground thaw heat blankets quickly delivers a barrier of warmth to frozen ground and curing concrete.  A very simple solution that can be used over and over again.  These ground heater and concrete curing blankets are very durable and are built safe to last many seasons in the cold.

thawing frozen ground with ground heater and ground thawing blanketsMulti-Use (Thaw & Cure) – HEAT AUTHORITY is your solution for ground thawing and freeze protection with name brands like Powerblanket, BriskHeat, CHR, ProMAX and RapidTHAW.

Heated CURE & THAW blankets provide heat when and where contractors need it especially when temperatures turn cold.  The winter elements don’t need to stop your next concrete pour or masonry project due to freezing temperatures. Put the heat right where you need it. These thermal blankets have been proven across the northern United States, Canada and Alaska. Accept no substitutes, when you need to keep your project on track and on budget, these heated blankets from Heat Authority are the obvious choice.  The #1 leader in North America concrete curing and ground thawing technology! Heat Authority ~


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Finally, RapidTHAW™ ground heaters are engineered to withstand the harshest of outdoor winter environments. Quickly melt snow, thaw frozen ground, heat rebar and other construction materials.  Thaw frozen water pipes up to 8 FEET DEEP!!  RapidTHAW™ electric blankets are waterproof, weatherproof and built to perform under the coldest of temperatures.  Take the sting out of any cold weather construction project by using the nation’s #1 outdoor construction heater – RapidTHAW™! Used by utility companies to thaw before trenching.  A favorite for thawing footings and flatwork prep. Call Heat Authority for discounts and reseller pricing.  Free shipping and low price guarantee on all products.

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Construction workers use these ground heater construction blankets to thaw frozen ground even at -20F.  Technicians inspect every blanket for quality control and ohms test.  We sell hundred’s of sizes and they are in stock – therefore call now before the snow starts falling. Customers can buy these heaters online at Heat Authority and receive free shipping by mentioning this ad. While we stock these heaters in our warehouse, customers can also request a custom quote for specific sizes.  Due to strong demand in winter months, order early for guaranteed delivery.  While some customers plan ahead, most customers waits until the last minute to order.   This may result in a delay due to demand at peak season.  Sales staff can update you on quantity on hand as a result of storms and other winter factors that can affect inventory levels.

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120V Ground Thaw Heat Blanket