Construction Ground HeatersCold weather construction ground heater blankets and thawing ground solutions will keep work crews working all winter long.  Preheat rebar, thaw frozen ground, cure stem walls / foundations / large flatwork pads, warm equipment & hoses, thaw pipes, and keep construction projects on schedule.  Avoid costly delays and work stoppage by using Powerblanket, RapidTHAW or CureMAX heated thawing & concrete curing insulated blankets. CALL 866-805-4328 today and receive FREE shipping on all product shipping in USA.

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– keep crews working all winter long

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Ground Heating Powerblanket Multi-Function Ground Heaters & Concrete Curing Blankets $1200.00 new 10’x10′ –

RapidThaw Multi-Function Cure and Thaw Blanket 27ft.L x 9ft.W $1995.00 new – Discount Warehouse

CureMAX Multi-Function Thaw & Cure 4.5′ x 30′ Electric Blanket $1095.00 new – CureMAX Direct

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Pictured above is a construction crew working in cold winter conditions.  Prior to pouring their footings & slabs, crews will use RapidThaw or Powerblanket to pre-heat rebar and remove ground frost.  These Multi-Function blankets are ideal for both thawing ground and curing concrete.  With optimal curing temperatures around 70-80°F, these construction heaters create a wet cure environment even in temperatures that drop as low as -20 to -40°F.  For EXTRA-FAST thawing we recommend the Powerblanket series of Extra-Hot Blankets.  Engineered for SUCCESS!


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These heavy-duty outdoor construction blankets (Ground Heater Blankets) are designed to withstand the worst winter conditions imaginable.  Welded seams, grommets for staking to the ground, and heavy-duty power cords make them the ideal solution for construction crews and homeowners alike.  Never let cold weather stop you again.   110V & 220V options available.  Use wall outlets, generators or power polls for electricity.  These blankets thaw the moisture in the surface soil and the heated liquid then percolates down – thawing the soil as it goes.  Most of all, The blankets are insulated which trap the heat and drive it into the ground.  Better than a warm spring day, these heated ground thawing blankets heat the ground 24/7 and can thaw frozen pipes up to 8 feet deep.  Due to increasing demand, we are now stock huge levels of inventory in anticipation of a record cold winter.

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Because of rising demand, please call for availability. While we keep our stock levels high, unforeseen weather conditions can deplete inventory quickly.  Since our goal is to never run out of stock, either order early or anticipate storm systems in your area.  Less than 10% of construction crews plan ahead for cold weather issues which can lead to seriously delays. Rather than getting caught in the cold, it is probably a good idea to order early and order often. In conclusion, keep crews working, avoid costly work stoppage, produce a higher quality product and keep working all winter long with Ground Heater Blankets from Heat Authority.